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The Silent Sound of Unobtrusive Luxury Service...


A warm welcome to International Butlers,

International Butlers, ‘The Silent Sound of Unobtrusive Luxury Service’, is a worldwide renowned expert company, for developing and creating the highest level of comfortable luxury and ultra luxury through personalised services. We operate worldwide to suit requirements directly or indirectly related to personalised service in both the hospitality and private environment since 2004.

We are at service to you when you want to:

- Secure the guest's personal luxury and ultra luxury feeling by matching their ultimate luxury expectations and needs, through your superior guest focussed organisation

- Enhance guest loyalty due to enhanced perception based upon experience of superior value

- Enhance the image of your hotel and company

- Increase repeat bookings and referrals


- Have the best Butlers / personalised service staff in your region or at home

- Introduce Butler Service

- Improve the mindset and the practical skills of your Butlers / front-of-the-house staff

- Improve the hospitality of your staff, your hotel, your restaurant

- Find the right private staff for your hotel, estate, or private household

- Certify your staff in their profession


With the acquired skills and knowledge and dedicated management support, your staff are fully prepared to manage their environment, and to anticipate needs in style, which enhances the luxury feeling of the guests and residents.

International Butlers is known for its passion, and for working with a keen eye for details. With years of experience in the international high-end hospitality  environment, as well as in private environments we successfully support a wide range of clients and individuals in the world.

In our projects we promote the concepts of Hostmanship.

We are happy to announce that we have just released the book 'The Art of Butling', a 347 pages thick practical guide for Butlers and Personal Service Providers. Send us an e-mail for ordering.

We look forward to being of service to you,

Hugo R. Mechelse

'Mr Service'
dean, senior Instructor, consultant