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Training and Coaching

With passion International Butlers offers a number of training modules that enable the participants to create the discrete and luxury environment your distinguished guests are seeking. With the acquired skills and knowledge;

  • Your staff are able to think, and to care for the guests pro-actively
  • Your staff will ‘live’ discretion and confidentiality
  • Your staff will be low profile, modest, and will radiate style
  • Intensive coaching on international etiquette, and the key traits of a butler, enable them to perform at the highest level with all guests; royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, and other guests.
  • The training includes acquiring intensive hands-on experience in key elements of day-to-day host/butler responsibilities to perform at the highest level possible

"Butlering starts with the genuine enjoyment of doing something well for the sole purpose of bringing pleasure to other people"


In close cooperation with our clients, the curriculum is set, but will cover among others the following topics:

  • Butler-service mindset and serlf-management
  • Encouraging positive curiosity, building relationships
  • The concept of ' butler service' and ' personalised cervice'
  • Butler amunition: butler bible, guest files, etc
  • Protocol and etiquette
  • Day-to-day personalised services; receiving guests, (un-)packing, shoe polishing, table setting, travel management, etc.
  • F&B knowledge and skills, including room-service


General and specific handouts are part of the training, as well as an exam.

International Butlers coaches the staff as well as the organisation for a period of up to two years, with supportive programs and additional refresher training.

Graduates will receive an International Butlers’ Certificate of Competence and can become a member of the Golden Butler Circle.


A special note on Chinese Butler Training Programs

Since 2005 we have offered Butler Training & Coaching in China. We are in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities in mainland China. Courses are bilingual by definition. We offer these training services to high-end hotels and resorts as well as to residential real estate companies

Long-term support , Turn-key solutions

Staff turnover is often relatively high in the hospitality industry. We care for sustainability and to that end we have included aspects in our training and consultancy services which support this. As part of our turn-key approach, together with our clients we establish a retention plan.

As we feel responsible for the performance of our clients for both short term and long term, every first training is followed by a follow-up refresher training course. A long term co-operation also allows the organisation to contact us at any time when needed for additional support.


Special training and workshops

UNIQUE ! Amsterdam 'Hospitality Boot Camp'

One day, One trainer (butler), max. 15 participants (min. 11)!

To boost your self-confidence, hospitality traits, mindset and practical skills.

Topics: the concept of hospitality, the art of receiving, (non-)verbal communication, the traits of a hospitality professional, providing service, the art of the departure. The training will be in Dutch, but depending on the participants can be also be in English.

Cost: € 330,- pp (ex. BTW) *, including drinks, lunch, syllabus and IB-certificate

Next training: Amsterdam

(*) Horecava-fair promotion deal. Among the participants we also draw one (<13 participants) or two (>13participants) free participation tickets

Hospitality training (2 days)

Especially for restaurants and hotels, we offer a short two days training to enforce the hospitality ambiance feeling of the guest. In the one full day of practical training we instruct and coach small groups (up to 12 persons) in and through the  'Circle of Hospitality'.

Etiquette workshops

Enhance your self confidence in private or business environment in a short 2 hrs workshop or in special business etiquette training of one full day.