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The Toothbrush; NOT for brushing teeth!
Published by: Hugo Mechelse
Published on: 31-05-2014 9:02 AM
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It is one of the most multi-purpose tools you can use in housekeeping and in butling. I always carry one with me as well, but that is for brushing my teeth. In housekeeping old, or new for that matter, toothbrushes can be used in many situation. Whether it should be a soft one or a hard one depends on the object you use it for. Always remember that damage should be avoided at all cost. In case of a toothbrush we are talking about scratches.

It comes out handy when polishing silver for instance. It allows you to get into the difficult corners. But how about corners around the kitchen countertops, or around the stove. Here a harder toothbrush is certainly advisable.

Also in the bathroom, for all the corners around taps for instance. But also for cleaning vents, window corners, even for difficult parts to reach on a car or bike. And for sure you use an old toothbrush when cleaning shoes before polishing them.

For object of art or other valuables, there are a wide range of other soft brushes you can use. Here damage is easily inflicted when using a toothbrush.

Did you also know they make great tools for children to paint with?

Do you have other suggestions to use toothbrushes for or another ‘multi-purpose’ tool you use in housekeeping or as a butler?


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11:41 AM Newton Cross
Excellent blog! Another tip; when washing a car. You can use the toothbrush for the mags on the wheels. It makes it easier to clean the dirt or black marks off the wheel covers. Also cleaning metals: jewelry, silver, bronze etc...

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