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International Butlers presents tailor made workshops for companies and events.

International Business Etiquette

All aspects that involve the communication and behaviour in an international environment will be discussed. A very interactive day with a lot of role-play and discussions on etiquette and modern manners. We discuss addressing persons of different cultures and titled persons, acquiring social confidence, social correspondence, but also table manners, dress code and body language in our modern international business world.

Table Etiquette

Theory and practice for running a perfect event with confidence and style; styles of service, table etiquette and manners. During an interactive practical lunch or dinner, we discuss the theory and practice of balancing food and wine; how does tasting work, what wine should I drink with my meal, and wine and champagne knowledge. But we also discuss and practice the correct table manners, the etiquette in respect to seating arrangements, and much more.


With a profound passion for all aspects of luxury services International Butlers arranges lectures on a wide range of topics. For an interesting mix, we combine elements of fact and entertainment.

  • Balancing food and wine
  • Champagne
  • Cigars
  • Tea: presenting your afternoon tea