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As International Butlers believes that an international perspective of the profession is paramount to the success of its students and curriculum, instructors are coming from all over the world.

Flexibility and knowledge on cultural differences add to the quality of the offered program.
All instructors have a working experience in the profession or their specific expertise. Not all our instructors are listed below as due to the nature of their profession in private households they are not always available.

Hugo R. Mechelse (The Netherlands)

Mr. Mechelse is a passionate promoter of the Personalised Services and travels the world lecturing and consulting with private families, hospitality companies and multi nationals (see for more details the selected client list). In his home country he works on part-time basis as private butler and chauffeur.

Prior to entering into private Domestic Services, Mr Mechelse was a member of senior management in Customer Service and Logistics departments for several international companies, including Nestlé, Fort Dodge (Wyeth) and Nissan Motor Company.

Within the Domestic Services industry, Mr Mechelse has worked over fifteen years as a part-time Personal Assistant for families in The Netherlands and United States. Previous positions include liaison officer, event planner, master of ceremonies, head waiter for private catering events, as well as hotel-butler. Additionally, for the past thirteen years, he has travelled through Europe, the Middle East, and Asia as a professional part-time tour guide. From 2003-04, using his educational, management and professional background, Mr. Mechelse managed The International Butler Academy based out of The Netherlands. In 2004, Mr Mechelse founded International Butlers in The Netherlands. In addition, in 2006 he founded, followed by the Golden Butler Circle in 2010.

Mr Hugo is Chairman and Chief Instructor at the International Association of Platinum Butlers Hotels. He is a member of the Gastvrijheids Gilde in The Netherlands and of the International Association of Private Service Professionals in the USA.

Tineke Vogelezang (The Netherlands)

Mrs Vogelezang, has had extensive careers at leading Dutch and international companies in project, facility, and operations management. In 2001 she founded Facta Nova, Domestic Services.
Facta Nova is the leading housekeeping company in Holland, providing full service support in housekeeping for luxury houses. For over ten years now the members of her staff serve private families and their households with cleaning, personal care, and property care.

Mrs Tineke does the in-house training and coaching for her staff in order to secure the high level of know-how and skills in all housekeeping activities, required and expected in a luxury environment.

In 2008 Pro Domo - Excellence in Housekeeping, was founded by Mr. Hugo and herself. This
training centre combines both theoretical and practical education for housekeepers in a luxury environment, such as luxury estates and 5-star hotels. Graduates are skilled in both practical cleaning activities, as well as in taking care of the valuable content of a luxury environment, and in taking care of the residents of the luxury homes.

Ian Hoffman (The Netherlands/South Africa)

Mr Ian Hoffman has a master degree in International Communication. He specialises in EU Business cutlure and etiquette and will enhance the performance of your staff in communicating accurately, both in formal and informal setting. Furthering the practical knowledge of cross-cultural understanding is also part of his focus. In accordance with the concept of training of International Butlers, he has an interactive, practical and personal approach.