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IB; The Silent Sound of Unobtrusive Luxury Service...


International Butlers is an expert company in Butler Service and Personalised Service. International Butlers has been operating worldwide to suit requirements directly or indirectly related to personalised service since 2004. Our services are in English and in Chinese.

International Butlers is known for its passion, and for working with a keen eye for details. Service minded focus and service mindset are engraved in carrying out our support services. With years of experience in the international high-end private, as well as hospitality, environment we successfully support a wide range of clients and individuals in the world.

The staff and the organisation in the hospitality industry as well as in domestic environments (private estates, private yachts or private jets) get our full support through training courses, consultancy and coaching services.

International Butlers typically works from a butler’s perspective in that the guest, his needs and agenda, come first. Staff will have the required detailed oriented skills and a service minded attitude.

We believe that the correct service mindset is vital in delivering personalised service and in creating a ‘dialogue’. Along with this we evaluate and where possible upgrade, the correct protocols and standards, as well as all applicable service skills.