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Is it a challenge to provide personalised service?
Published by: Hugo Mechelse
Published on: 29-10-2014 10:13 AM
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It is very well possible that as a professional due to your mindset and flexibility, you may not have challenges in providing personalised service, as one captain at a luxury hotel mentioned. And still, I would state that you can always look for challenges, for taking a next step; not only ‘can’ but you must.

To help you out here, ask yourself once a week the following questions:

1. When did I last do something special for my guest and what was it?
2. What could I have done for my guest but, because of one reason or another I did not?

Do this for one month, next month you ask yourself this questions twice a week. See what happens: you’d be surprised!

This small exercise allows you to get a better view on how to improve your own performance and that of your organisation as a whole. It will immediately enhance the experience of the guest as well. And this is just why you are there.

As I point out in my training sessions: good is never good enough! And it always is a joy to see what people are capable of when you challenge them in this area. There is a lot of talent in your hotel as well, but often because of the organisation, culture, teams, etc. staff can not express themselves well enough or grow in their position.

It is a game you play with your guest as well as with yourself. And this is just the key for moving the experience of your guests to a next level. This wow goes beyond the gold leaves and the award winning Spa. This is all about your attitude. Don't you agree?

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12:37 PM Hugo Mechelse

The Art of Table Setting

Table setting is one of the perks for a butler to do. Not only because it is fun, but also because the huge contribution you have to the enjoyment and comfort of the guest.

What looks simple and something everybody can do, in fact needs practice and a lot of traits by the staff.

9:03 AM Hugo Mechelse

"Listen to Your Eyes"


This is the very reason why I regularly visit a contemporary art museum: to get inspired. Recently I visited the new private museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, The Netherlands, and saw this light-art by Maurizio Nannucci......

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The magic of the wine glass

How else can we enjoy a good wine than in a suitable glass. Most people make a classic combination here; the big glass for the red wine, the small one for white and the flute for the champagne. But there is much more to it than just these three options. It is always a joy to have an open mind and experience new thoughts and developments…...----

3:08 PM Hugo Mechelse

An act of communication

Communication is possibly the most difficult and most underestimated aspect in providing service. This does not only account for hospitality but also for a private environment. Good communication can save you from a lot of challenges, calamities or just ‘lost of trust’.

12:45 PM Hugo Mechelse


‘Don’t forget, a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated’
[H. Jackson Brown (American author best known for his inspirational book)]

Two words should strike you here: ‘emotional’ and ‘appreciated’. For these two words are so much the core of today’s hospitality. We have entered the era of ‘experiencing’ already for some time now but often fail to find the keys to evoke that long sought after sustainable basis within our organisation. Very often it lingers, and is relying on the qualities of some of our staff members who have ‘something’ that makes their heart tick.

11:09 AM Hugo Mechelse

Increase revenues: manage your hotel like a beehive

​Who has opted for increasing revenues as part of your plans for this year? Who has put the experience of the guests upfront? Who is looking for augmenting their word-of-mouth promotion?

10:40 AM Hugo Mechelse


The must have book for every personal service provider: The Art of Butling. This practical guide for butlers and personal service providers is full of detailed information on the profession; tips, tricks, backgrounds, procedures, etiquette etc. 

4:20 PM Hugo Mechelse

Leading by example

First rule in especially the hospitality should be to always to walk the talk. Do you discriminate in engaging with your guests? Some you ignore and others get a nice smile and small talk? I understand that you have to make choices. Your time is limited and you have to earn money. But that is not the point.

9:17 AM Hugo Mechelse

Amsterdam Hospitality Boot Camp


One day, One trainer (butler), max. 15 participants!

Because your performance as a hospitality professional, be it in a hotel, restaurant, company, or at a fair or an event, is crucial for the wellbeing of your guests and image of your company. We care and we feel responsible and committed to enhance the image of the hospitality in Holland. The Boot Camp will: boost your self-confidence, hospitality traits, mindset and practical skills.

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