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Leading by example
Published by: Hugo Mechelse
Published on: 27-02-2015 4:20 PM
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First rule in especially the hospitality should be to always to walk the talk. Do you discriminate in engaging with your guests? Some you ignore and others get a nice smile and small talk? I understand that you have to make choices; your time is limited and you have to earn money. But that is not the point.

Every member of staff should realise that every guest ignored is a potential lost, un-loyal guest. To make it even worse, this guest shares his negative experience with his friends and colleagues, all potential guests for you. If you cherish your hospitable image it should show at every moment, at every step in the process. Does it? And does every member of the organisation display this attitude?

I think there is never a reason simply to ignore a guest; ‘not seeing’ him or her, ignore telephone, SMS, whatsapp, e-mail. This does not limit itself to guests but also (potential) suppliers, neighbours, etc. In our profession we have a saying: ‘Once a butler, always a butler’. You can not just turn it ‘on’ or ‘off’. In your daily communication you prove yourself to be a hospitality professional every time again.

In a café in Amsterdam, I have never seen the owner talk or greet a guest: 90% of his staff does not show any real interest in the guests either. Why should they?

On my last visit to the Middle East, I had a very nice conversation with the General Manager  of The Oberoi Dubai, Mr Karim Bizid. I did not have a appointment with him, but he explained that everybody walking into his hotel was important to him, everybody should be treated as a personal guest. This is  the very concept of ‘walk the talk’. You embody the hotel, everybody does. Especially as a manager, it is vital to show your colleagues that when even yòu can make the time, they can do the same; leading by example. Every day again. Staff will follow your passion.

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