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We are happy to support you in finding the right position. Please feel free to provide us with your resume. On sending your resume, please make sure you add a recent photo and at least two recent references. A recent security clearance (CRB) is also required.

Before we suggest you to a family, we will always have face-to-face interview with you to evaluate a possible suitable match.

Please note that when signing up for a position, your data, without name and address, can be forwarded to other agencies with whom we are affiliated all over the world.


When preparing your application, please take your time to sit down and thoroughly consider what it is you are exactly looking for. Remember that a position in a private household is not the same as in an anonymous company.

Therefore first go through a checklist to collect your own thoughts: what is it you are looking for and what does your ideal position look like. Please find some suggestions below for your convenience, and please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Some steps in the preparation process.

  1.  List and visualise (!) what you are looking for (your objectives), for yourself and your spouse. Think ahead 5-10 years from now. Think about your position, your own family, but also your employer's family, house and surroundings.
  2. Get a full picture of the position, the subject family and surroundings.
  3.  Make sure point 1 and 2 match. If they don't, question this, look for the differences and get more information. Remember that you must feel comfortable in a position. Otherwise don't start with it in the first place.
  4.  Write your resume
  • Remember that your covering letter is your first and final introduction to your employer. It is the same as meeting people: the first seconds count.
  • Go for perfection.
  • Visualise yourself in the position of the employer, reading your letter: do you trust this person to be your representative, opening your door and looking after your family and house?
  • Leave the letter for a day and read it over again.
  • Let friends read the letter and work on their comments.
  • Personalise your resume: it should represent you.
  • Re-write your resume and repeat the last three steps till you feel absolutely comfortable with the result
  • After a couple of days, contact the representative you sent the letter to and check whether they received your letter in good order. Do not ask for the status.

Some other agencies you might want to list yourself on

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. However we feel comfortable with their status and service.