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“If you can not take care of yourself, you can not take care of others.”



As a professional you should treat yourself on regular training. It is of paramount importance to stay up-to-date. Which training is most applicable for you totally depends on your personal situation, as every family has different requirements and expectations. Also every hotel, cruise ship and residential real estate has a different focus.

International Butlers offers a wide range of training options for the hospitality but also for private residences. Most of these are in-house training.

General Butler and Personalised Service training and workshops

For small groups we offer training courses and workshops in specific areas but also full-butler training courses. We advise you to contact us for further assistance in finding the right training for you or your staff.

International Butlers does not provide on-line butler training as we do not believe in the concept. Butler Service and Personalised Service are ‘personal’, and so are our training courses.