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 "Butlering starts with the genuine enjoyment of doing something well for the sole purpose of bringing pleasure to other people."

(author unknown)


Private Residences, Private Yachts, and Residential Real Estate

All our services are focussed on the personal comfort, and the enjoyment of life, by the residents of private estates, private yachts, and in residential real estate. Our involvement is to make sure that the management and daily operation of the household and the residence is worry-free for its owners. Butlers, housekeepers and other private staff guarantee that all aspects of the household, as well as the personal life of the residents, are well managed, well prepared, and excellently taken care of.

In our philosophy the only thing that counts is the personal comfort of those enjoying their personal luxury environment.

When we support your estate or private residence we look at three parts:-

  • the service structure and logistics
  • the training
  • the long term sustainability.

 Turn-Key Solutions

We feel responsible for our projects as they are so important to all parties concerned. Training is only one aspect of high-end butler service and personalised service. We offer turn-key solutions which include laying down the basics of the service plan, creating and establishing the service objectives and procedures, installing the logistics, the butler pantry, and training your butlers and other staff. We also take care of the recruitment of the butlers and other household staff. We also take care of all supportive documentation.