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Management of a residence, an estate, or a private yacht requires experienced staff. Expertise in logistics, estate management, and butling as well as IT are of vital importance to guarantee a worry free, relaxed and well managed environment.

An intensive follow up after the project is part of our commitment. We do not trust that after we close the door behind us, life will be sunny ever after. We take it our responsibility to see to it that the organisation remains strong enough to stand on its own.

Signature IB Butler and Housekeeping Service

In close cooperation with our clients, and with the staff present, in a turn-key project we implement a fully operational service flow. This includes all service standards, reference files, as well as establishing the required logistics (e.g. the butler’s and housekeeper’s pantry).

We coach the butlers and service staff by implementing the Signature IB Butler Service which is fully equipped to anticipate any necessity or requirement.