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Placement of butlers, nanny’s, cooks, chauffeurs, housekeeping staff

International Butlers supports private families in finding the right candidate that fits their particular private life. We take it our responsibility to carefully select the person that fits in your private environment: butlers, nanny’s, cooks, chauffeurs, etc.. This is a delicate process as we acknowledge that apart from the right skills, privacy, ‘discretion’ and ‘trust’ are key. In order to fully understand the specific environment and expectations, an interview with you, and a site visit will be standard in all selecting procedures. A sight-visit to your residence and an intensive interview with the family is part of the is part of the recruitment process.

Our candidates come from various countries, are both male and female, and of all different ages. We know them all personally. We will never suggest a candidate whose references have not been thoroughly checked.

When your household or business is too small to assign a full-time butler, personal assistant, or other member of staff, with our sister company we can also take care of part-time staff.