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Industry Standards

In the world of Personalised Service and Service in general there are several well known and also some less well known standards. It can be stated that each of these standards can be different depending on where you are. Most organisations have their own 'translation' of a standard and even every country can have its specifics due to the local regulations. Possibly the only standard that is accepted world wide is linked to the wiring on top of a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine.

Although in general we do not appreciate standards as such, as we believe that standards do not match well with personalising, we can still inform you and keep you up to date with the latest standards in general.


The Butler Uniform

By tradition there is something we call a Butler Uniform. Most familiar to anybody with the black tails and black waistcoat, the striped trousers, white shirt and fold down collar. The black tie, and black Oxfords with black over-the-calf socks. The white gloves are the finishing touch for the perfectly groomed butler.

Almost every hotel has developed its own Butler’s Uniform, which usually is a variety of the above.

A special butler uniform is the ‘livery’, sometimes still found in Royal Palaces. It is a formal uniform normally used only for special events.


Hospitality rating systems

There are many rating systems around, that describe the overall level of quality, facilities and services as offered and provided by the hospitality industry, whether it be hotels, spas, resorts, or cruise ships. Although there is some common understanding on the specifics, individual countries can have their specifics as well. Sometimes the rating is linked to a specific organisation.

Star system hospitality

This is a European based system that is well known all over the world, ranging from one to 5 stars. Some hotels claim even six or seven stars but these are self acclaimed and are not of an overall recognised system. For the future, however, it might very well become part of new systems that are being developed.

Diamond system hospitality

AAA Diamond Ratings, issued by the American AAA, represent a combination of the overall quality, the range of facilities, and the level of services offered by a property. This is a USA based system.

Butler Service rating hospitality

The International Institute of Modern Butlers has developed a butler rating system that describes the level of butler service in hotels, ranging from one to five butlers.

Star system restaurants

Michelin Stars are exclusively issued by the French organisation Michelin and every year are a hype in the industry. One Star sets already quit a standard, but the maximum is three.